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Getting around Nordland has never been more beautiful

Experience the coast of Nordland by express boat – these summer routes are tailor-made for those who want the true feeling of northern Norway.

 Use the express boat to experience Nordland - use Travel Pass Nordland

Express boats connect together the islands with the mainland of Nordland. You can travel from north to south (and back again) by a special express boat route called Nordlandsekspressen, or “NEX” by the locals. For an authentic Nordland experience, book your trip with the Nordlandsekspressen express boat here.

Public transport and real stories

The express boat has a long history in this part of northern Norway, and if you wish to discover the real Nordland, you have to experience it from the sea. This is where the culture, tradition, and spirit of Nordland are born and built. And the best part - the express boat is a favorite way of travel for the locals. With some luck and a cup of coffee, you might get some first-hand stories from a local fisherman, or get to know more about life as a mother with young kids, situated on an island far away from the mainland - the place the locals call “værran”.

Simplified transport and enhanced experience

If you buy the Travel Pass Nordland travel card, you can travel as much as you like using both express boat and bus. The travel card costs only NOK 990 for adults and NOK 495 for kids under the age of 16, and it gives you unlimited travel for seven days. For example, hop off the express boat, take one of the regional busses and enjoy some of the many activities the area has to offer, and then catch up with the boat again the next day. The newest express boats, MS Elsa Laula Renberg and MS Regine Normann, are tailor-made for people who want to experience Nordland to its fullest, with easy storage for kayaks and bikes, free onboard Wi-Fi, charging stations and universal design.

Download route maps and information:

Hurtigbåt sørgående (NEX 1) / Express boat southbound (NEX 1)

Hurtigbåt nordgående (NEX 2) / Express boat northbound (NEX 2)


Get a taste of the Nordlandsekspressen experience here:


Extended departures during the summer

In addition to the year-round NEX 1 and NEX 2 routes, there are special NEX summer routes that offer access to extra destinations and departure times not available with the year-round NEX 1 and NEX 2 routes.  With the extra summer routes, you can experience more of Nordland's coastline at your pace.  Explore Myken and Træna in the south, or head north and take a tour of Helnessund and Skutvik.  Plan your trip in the travel planner here.

Island hopping in Helgeland or simple journey from Bodø to Lofoten? Do like the locals - take the express boat.


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Discover all of Nordland while saving money

Because the Travel Pass Nordland travel card applies to both bus and express boat (not car ferry), it lets you travel seamlessly throughout Nordland for a fixed price. So if you are planning to both island hop on the coast of Helgeland and to experience Lofoten, you will save a considerable amount of money by using Travel Pass Nordland instead of buying individual tickets for each trip. For example, you can travel from the southernmost city of Nordland, Sandnessjøen, to Lofoten and Å in the north, for the fixed price of NOK 990 by using Travel Pass Nordland, a trip that will cost you NOK 1 635 if you buy each ticket separately. And the best thing - it lasts for a whole seven days!  Note:  to secure a your place on the express boat, you must book your trip beforehand here.

Travel Pass Nordland - travel card and mobile app

You can buy Travel Pass Nordland by using the smartphone application called Billett Nordland. If you do so, it will be active from the time of purchase. You can also buy the travel card over the counter as a physical card at a tourist information center, or onboard any Nordlands bus or express boat. In that case it will be active from your first trip. Either way, the card gives you unlimited travel for the next seven days by regional bus, city bus and express boat in all of the county of Nordland.

Read more about how you can download and use the mobile app here.

Download the app Billett Nordland on your mobile phone to buy Travel Pass Nordland. 
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Extra information:

NEX 1 and NEX 2 are referred to by their route numbers in the travel planner and route tables. See below for clarification and a link to the route tables.

NEX 1 = Route 23-731

NEX 2 = Route 23-755

Here you can find all the NEX route tables.


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