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Experience The World's Most Beautiful Bus Route

The bus route from Narvik to Å in Lofoten is called "the world's most beautiful bus route" for a reason.

Lofotekspressen - the worlds most beautiful bus route 

It does not matter if you get to Lofoten by express boat, car ferry, bus or plane - the Lofotekspressen bus route is the easiest way to get around once you have arrived. And if you buy the Travel Pass Nordland travel card, you can travel as much as you like using both express boat and bus. The travel card costs only NOK 990 for adults and NOK 495 for kids under the age of 16, and gives you unlimited travel for seven days in Nordland. 

Use public transport and experience the real Lofoten

Lofotekspressen is the name of the bus line that runs between Narvik and Å i Lofoten. If you use this line as your primary mode of transport during your stay in Lofoten, you will be able to experience all the fantastic things Lofoten has to offer. With Lofotekspressen, you can choose to lean back and enjoy the scenery, or disembark along the route to really get into the Lofoten experience - hop on and off as much as you like. Check out the time table here. Lofotekspressen is used by locals all year round, and, if you are lucky, maybe you will get to sit next to a chatty local who will give you a guided tour of the mountains and fjords?

Read more about the trips you can take using Lofotekspressen here:

Lofotekspressen - the worlds most beautiful bus route  Lofotekspressen - the worlds most beautiful bus route  Lofotekspressen - the worlds most beautiful bus route  Lofotekspressen - the worlds most beautiful bus route  

Download a 28-page brochure with timetables for the summer routes and information about destinations along Lofotekspressen here.

Extended departures during the summer

Lofotekspressen is the best transportation option in Lofoten during the summer as it is suited for backpackers, flashpackers and those visiting family and friends. The capacity for rental cars during the high season tends to be on the low side, and there are many cars and bikes filling up the narrow roads. By using the bus you can sit safely and relax knowing that you will arrive on time at your destination while enjoying Lofoten. You have the freedom to jump off and enjoy some refreshments at a waterfront restaurant without thinking of having to drive later. Download the summer routes here. If you are getting to Nordland by plane via Evenes Airport, Lofotekspressen is a perfect option as it has four departures each day.


Plan your trip in our travel planner here 

Discover all of Nordland while saving money

Since the Travel Pass Nordland travel card applies to both bus and express boat (not car ferry), it lets you travel seamlessly throughout Nordland for a fixed price. So if you are planning to island hop on the coast of Helgeland and also experience Lofoten, you will save a considerable amount of money by using Travel Pass Nordland instead of buying individual tickets for each trip. For example, you can travel from the southernmost city of Nordland, Sandnessjøen, to Lofoten and Å in the north for the fixed price of NOK 990 by using Travel Pass Nordland - a trip that will cost you NOK 1 635 if you buy each ticket separately. And the best thing - the travel card lasts for a whole seven days!


Travel Pass Nordland - travel card and mobile app

You can buy Travel Pass Nordland by using the smartphone application called Billett Nordland. If you do so, it will be active from the time of purchase. You can also buy the travel card over the counter as a physical card at a tourist information center, or on the bus or express boat. In that case it will be active from your first trip. Either way, the card gives you unlimited travel for the next seven days by regional bus, city bus and express boat in all of the county of Nordland.

Read more about how you can download and use the mobile app here.

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Get a sneak peak of the worlds most beautiful bus route here:




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